Ever wondered why some brands of food equipments can last longer than others? Imagine spending so much money on your equipment purchases, only to find out that your equipment don’t lasts? That frustration and inconveniences for your business may lead to adverse bottomline. Not only that, replacement and re-purchases are high costs. So here at Simplex, we offer 3 tips that can help your equipment last longer, while reducing business inconveniences. Better business for you, better business for us – creating win-win situations.

Tip 1: Regular Maintenance & Servicing of the Equipment

Like all good cars, equipments too, have engine and parts that requires tender loving care. Regulars servicing after a certain mileage (usage), would help extend the lifespan of the equipment. It also identifies potential wear and tear parts and breaks up your expenses for machine care – helps with business cash flows. At Simplex, our pioneer food equipment 24/7 monitoring system ECOSYS can help cloud base all your equipment servicing schedule, maintenance and usage details/frequency so that you can time your maintenance scheduling of the equipment. Planning and making provisions for equipment maintenance costings can help especially if your business is on a tight budget.

Tip 2: Regular Calibration of the Equipment

What does it mean by calibration? Equipment calibration essentially allows consistency of the food prepared and cooked by the equipment. This prevents inconsistency with food preparation and cooking, and ensures that your clients and customers gets the same food taste and texture every single visit at your restaurant or venue. This is an often overlooked segment of many business owners as they assume that all equipments are fail-proof. But like a car, (as you can see, we really like our cars), sometimes we also need it to be calibrated so that it can travel faster, smoother and don’t break down (that embarrassment and inconvenience!!). At Simplex, we also offer equipment calibration services, where our sales technicians will visit on-site and re-calibrate the equipment. The frequency of it depends on usage. Again, ECOSYS can plan calibration of your equipment as well!

Also, calibration also entails software and recipes updates for certain products (may come with a fee). If you are looking at creating a new menu for your restaurant without buying new equipment, wouldn’t it be an awesome idea if your current equipment can do that for you? Again, calibration increases the longevity and expands on the usage of your equipment without you incurring much additional costs! GREAT GREAT IDEA!!

Tip 3: Training and Hands-on with your staff

Some food equipment can be really really complicated to hands on, and your business do not have the capabilities to train staff on its usage and efficiencies. Fret not! At Simplex, we offer Kitchen Demonstration and hands-on training for your business. Just reach out to us here and book your kitchen demonstration slots. Having a trained staff to handle your equipments would also minimise mis-use and improve efficiencies within the kitchen. Great for business!!

So, what do you think? Always always Service, Calibrate & Train to increase the longevity of your food equipment!

Simplex Team

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