Business PSG Grants

Enterprise Development Grant (EDG)

    • Branding & Marketing, Consultancy + Customise automation projects for productivity, improvements and innovations.
    • Branding and Marketing + Development of a franchising model for local and international markets can be considered under EDG
    • Funding of SMEs up to 80% and non-SMEs up to 60% of qualified costs from 1st April 2020 to 31st December 2020.
Projects under Core Capabilities help businesses prepare for growth and transformation by strengthening their business foundations. These should go beyond basic functions such as sales and accounting. Projects under Innovation and Productivity support companies that explore new areas of growth, or look for ways to enhance efficiency. These could include reviewing and redesigning workflow and processes. Companies could also tap into automation and technologies to make routine tasks more efficient.
Scope of work can cover:
      • Adoption / development of sophisticated hardware and/or software solutions
      • Development of solutions that involve purchase of machinery and integration of systems
      • Training of staff to deploy solutions
What is not supported:
      • Set-up costs that are essential to starting a business
      • Cost of equipment and gadgets, such as copiers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones
      • Equipment and software costs that are supported under the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG)
    • Market Access
Projects under Market Access support Singapore companies that are willing and ready to venture overseas. You may tap into the EDG to help defray some of the costs of expanding into overseas markets.

Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG)

  • Purchase of F&B related software (only pre-approved vendors) and equipments (only pre-approved equipments in the list)
  • Equipments not supported under PSG can be considered under EDG (e.g. Fryer)

Market Readiness Assistance (MRA)

  • Set-up operational office, market promotion, FTA consultancy and finding business partners
  • Intellectual Property Search & Application is supported
Qualifying for these grants... To qualify for the EDG, you need to:
  • Be a business entity registered and operating in Singapore
  • Have a minimum of 30% local shareholding
  • Be in a financially viable position to start and complete the project
For more information, as of September 2020, businesses may refer to Go Business >>> <<< for more information regarding IT solutions, equipment and human resources grants and eligibility. 
At Simplex, we offer a range of products that are applicable for PSG & EDG grants for businesses. Speak to our sales representatives today to find out more!
Regards, Simplex Team

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