A good oven is key to the successful preparation of a wide variety of dishes, regardless if you are operating a commercial kitchen, running a restaurant, or a small boutique cafe. Combination (also known as combi) and convection ovens are the two main choices, offering versatility and high performance. Here are some criteria you can consider as you decide on whether a combi or convection oven is best suited for your Singapore kitchen.


Both convection and combi ovens offer their own benefits over conventional ovens, which use two heating elements to heat up the air inside and warm food up. While fuss-free and easy to use, conventional ovens don’t always bring out the best in food preparation, leading to the rise in popularity for both convection and combi ovens.

Convection ovens in Singapore work by utilising an inbuilt fan and exhaust to circulate hot air around the interior of the oven. This results in better heat distribution while ensuring that food stays crisp yet juicy with each bite. It also reduces cooking time, allowing food to be prepared and served faster as compared to conventional ovens.

Combi ovens in Singapore get their name from the combination of convection cooking and steaming into a single oven. In combination mode, combi ovens automatically combine the dry heat from circulated air with the moisture from steam, allowing food to remain flavourful and moist and allowing for a much greater variety of preparation methods.


Each food establishment has its own unique food choices that customers love, and your choice of oven is crucial to bringing out the best in your preparation process. When choosing an oven, consider what you will mostly be preparing for your menu.

Regular convection ovens in Singapore do a great job of fast cooking, ensuring browning on breads and pastries, as well as roasting both vegetables and meats to perfection, making them ideal for a wide variety of food establishments. Some examples of where they shine include roasting chicken and turkey, baking cookies with a crispy exterior yet chewy interior, as well as toasting pies that retain their juicy meat filling.

Combi ovens in Singapore also offer similar features as convection ovens, but they shine when used in various preparation methods in Asian cuisine, such as broiling, poaching, steaming, and warming. The addition of steam allows the food to stay moist and not shrivel up amidst intense heat, helping to keep them soft and pleasant with every bite. They are great for preparing a variety of items, from sous vide style to steamed fish and vegetables.


Convection ovens in Singapore come at a lower price point compared to combi ovens, making them ideal for smaller-scale cafes and restaurants, as well as those with a smaller budget. For those with a focused menu, such as preparing pastries and roasting meats, convection ovens fit the role admirably and for an affordable price.

Combi ovens in Singapore cost higher due to their numerous settings, but their versatility allows you to save the cost on buying dedicated kitchen appliances, such as a steamer, to fulfil the same role. With temperature and humidity control, along with slow-cooking options, a combi oven may be a pricier initial investment, but it will serve faithfully in your kitchen for many years to come.

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