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A successful cooking enterprise depends on a multitude of factors, ranging from a team of well-trained and motivated staff to a suite of high-performing equipment. Here are 5 essential pieces of kitchen equipment that you should have for your food establishment in Singapore.

Essential Cooking Tools  Kitchen Equipment Singapore
well equipped commercial kitchen with numerous appliances

Oven – Microwave ovens, Cook & Hold Oven, High Speed Ovens, Combi Oven

The oven is one of the most essential pieces of equipment for any Singapore kitchen, and is essential in the preparation of a wide range of dishes, from roast chicken to freshly baked bread. Commercial ovens come in a wide range of sizes and specifications as well as features. Generally, smaller food establishments will usually require a single versatile oven, while larger establishments may prefer multiple ovens that each specialise in preparing different dishes.

Popular models of commercial ovens include convection ovens which efficiently circulate heated air to ensure even distribution of heat and cooking, and combination ovens which offer the added option of using steam to prepare dishes that retain their moisture. There are also specialised ovens for various food preparation processes, such as rotisserie ovens, deck ovens, and conveyor ovens.

Refrigerators – Chillers, Freezers

No commercial kitchen is complete without a reliable refrigerator. They preserve all sorts of perishable items, from fresh fruit and vegetables to imported cuts of meat. Established kitchen equipment suppliers in Singapore carry a wide range of fridges with diverse functions and capacities to suit your establishment’s cooking and storage needs.

Reach-in refrigerators offer multiple sections to efficiently separate different types of perishables, and also feature an integrated freezer section to save space and cost. Smaller establishments such as cafes and bars will do well with under-counter and work-top fridges, which provide convenient storage of items as well as multi-purpose use within a small work space.

Dishwasher – Automation

For popular food establishments, manually cleaning dishes and cutlery can take up both time and valuable manpower. Dishwashers clean large volumes in a single cycle, offering the benefit of cutting down on inventory due to faster turnaround times and allocating manpower to other tasks, such as preparing ingredients or serving customers.

Many kitchen equipment suppliers in Singapore carry conveyor, rack, and undercounter dishwashers, which come in various sizes and handle different volumes of dishes and cutlery per cycle. You can choose between high and low temperature dishwashers, which utilise either high heat or chemicals to sanitise dishes.

Ice Maker – Automation

For boutique cafes and dessert parlours in Singapore, ice makers are a must have piece of kitchen equipment. They require a constant supply of ice to be used in their drinks, and ice makers also have the advantage of producing same-sized gourmet ice cubes for a classy and consistent feel. In addition, most ice makers also offer internal storage, allowing them to produce larger volumes in advance for peak periods of customer demand.

Popular types of ice makers include modular, undercounter, countertop, and combination ice makers. Each of them vary in both size and volume of ice produced. Generally, smaller establishments do best with undercounter and countertop ice makers, while large commercial kitchens may prefer modular ice makers due to their high volume of ice production.

Food Warmer

Many food establishments choose to prepare popular dishes in advance instead of made-to-order, allowing customers to be served swiftly while preparing dishes that are more time-consuming. Food warmers keep food tasting warm and preserve their quality, while helping to prevent illness which can arise from temperature fluctuations.

Kitchen equipment suppliers in Singapore stock various types of food warmers, from countertop warmers that are best suited for cafes to heavy-duty food warmers that warm large quantities of food. Some models offer precise temperature controls to help maintain the temperature of more perishable condiments, such as sauces and soups.

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