Commercial Fridge For Restaurant Business

The key to running a successful restaurant business in Singapore lies not only in serving up good food and providing excellent service but also in your refrigeration system. Purchasing a good commercial fridge after considering several factors will not only ensure that you serve up the freshest and safest food to your customers but also makes working in the kitchen a lot easier for your staff.

Here are 3 thinking stages you should go through when choosing the ideal commercial fridge for your food and beverage business.

1.Types of commercial refrigerators (Freezer & Chiller) 

There are many different types of commercial fridges in Singapore, each of which addresses a different need that a restaurant business may have. One kitchen may not only have one type of refrigerator; it may have several types of refrigerators used for different purposes.

1.Reach-in Freezers and Refrigerator

This is the most common type of commercial fridge, designed for commercial kitchens. Its shelves can be adjusted to any height to accommodate a variety of storage capacities. They also come in versions fitted with insulated glass doors, which can be used for aesthetic purposes in open kitchens or to allow staff to monitor food usage.

Some reach-in refrigerators are also available in smaller models that are designed to be installed beneath counters and workspaces to help maximise vertical space.

2. Walk-in Refrigerator

A walk-in refrigerator is similar to a cold storage facility within a restaurant. These commercial refrigerators are essentially refrigerated rooms with heavy steel doors that are ideal for businesses that require a large amount of storage space and are best suited for restaurants with a large seating capacity and large kitchen spaces. They are great for storing bulky items such as large juice boxes, alcohol, and others.

The refrigeration system used in a walk-in refrigerator is similar to air-conditioning systems. To fully maximise the space in a walk-in refrigerator, stainless steel racks and shelves are typically used. 

3. Worktop Refrigerator 

A commonly used space-saving commercial fridge in Singapore is the worktop refrigerator. It is a cooling unit that is fitted with a stainless steel worktop, allowing a business to maximise vertical space in their kitchen. Staff can prepare food and work on the stainless steel top while easily reaching for items in the cooling unit directly below.

They are typically an easier to clean and more durable option compared to under-counter refrigerators.

4. Under-counter Refrigerator

Under-counter refrigerators, which are similar to reach-in refrigerators, are excellent storage units for small kitchens. They are much shorter and can fit into a variety of small spaces, most commonly under work counters, near fry stations, and other prep areas. They can also be placed in small prep areas where bartenders, baristas, or servers can easily access bottled drinks or ingredients.

2. Consider kitchen space and layout

Kitchen Accommodate Other Machines

A kitchen must not only accommodate your storage units and commercial fridge, but it also has to accommodate other machines and be safe and convenient for your staff to move around.

Before deciding on the commercial fridge size to get, consider the space you have in your kitchen and any other appliances you require. However, try to find something that will exceed your storage needs; as this will help you avoid future storage issues.

Some questions to ask yourself:

  • How much storage space and height do I need?
  • Where will I be placing each item in my kitchen? E.g. workspaces and frying stations. 
  • Will my staff be able to easily access and open the fridge doors without inconveniencing anyone?
  • Will the refrigerator minimise food contamination?

Your commercial fridge should not disrupt workflow, so do thorough research and good planning before making your purchase.

3. Brands and warranties

After deciding on the type of commercial fridge you require and the size available, you must now consider brands and warranties.

A good commercial fridge will be slightly more expensive, but it will last much longer and serve your business much better. Consider getting a commercial fridge that is good and worth the investment by striking a balance between pricing and capabilities.

When selecting a brand, look into the warranties they provide for their commercial refrigerators. Typically, a longer warranty indicates that a brand is more confident in the quality of its products, which can be a good deciding factor.

Our in-house brand Pinnacle Refrigeration is an affordable and efficient consideration for your business. We also supply refrigeration models from True. 

Ultimately, the ideal commercial fridge should be one that can help improve the flow of your business operations; it should fit you, your staff, and your business, rather than what others consider to be the best. Starting your food business in Singapore? Grab all your essential kitchen supplies and appliances at Simplex.

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