Bakery Equipment in Singapore

Whether you’re running a cafe or coffee house in Singapore, you will require both a team of capable staff as well as reliable and effective commercial bakery equipment. Learn about 5 essential pieces of equipment and their benefits for your establishment.

Automatic Coffee Machine

1. Oven

The aromas of freshly baked bread are beloved by many, and ovens are an essential piece of bakery equipment in Singapore for cafes and coffee houses alike. They heat up dough and batter, imparting both flavour and aroma to transform them into tasty bread, pastries, and other products. Convection ovens feature an inbuilt fan and exhaust system to evenly circulate hot air around the interior and remove moisture to make crispy and evenly toasted breads and pastries. They also allow for heating across a wide temperature range to facilitate more diverse preparation of baked goods.

Deck ovens use conduction heat via a hot deck or radiant heat to create an internal cooking environment with consistent heat, providing fine control for preparing large volumes of bread to one’s preference. They feature superior recovery time and heat retention for reduced energy usage, and some models also come with additional features such as steam injection and a ventilation system to adjust for humidity. Microwave ovens offer rapid and versatile heating of many kinds of baked goods, along with user-friendly interfaces and programmable settings for convenience and ease of use. 

High Speed Ovens like our XpressChef and TurboChef series also allow for quick reheating of pastries and cafe food, such as spaghetti, mac & cheese, and quiche without compromising the colour, taste and texture of the food. 

2. Fridge

Commercial fridges help keep perishable ingredients such as milk, cheese, butter, and creams at sufficiently low temperatures, prolonging their lifespan for greater operational savings. They also provide storage space for sweet desserts such as cakes, pies, and cupcakes; allowing cafes to prepare orders in advance and keep them chilled until delivery.

Fridges come in a wide variety of storage capacities and features, ranging from reach-in sections to store and sort different perishables such as fruits and meat, as well as an integrated freezer section to save on space and cost of maintaining a dedicated freezer unit. 

3. Prep Table

Made from stainless steel, food preparation tables are another essential piece of bakery equipment in Singapore. They provide the necessary space for bakers to knead and roll dough mixes, and provide ease of cleaning along with additional space underneath the working surface to store additional items.

For space-constrained places, undercounter worktop fridge models serve a multi-purpose role, offering additional chilling space for perishable ingredients as well as added work space for bakers to prepare bread. Some of these models feature wheels for enhanced mobility, allowing bakery owners to rearrange them as they see fit for an optimal workflow.

4. Food Warmer

Food warmers play an important role in cafes and coffee houses in Singapore. They keep baked goods warm and crispy by maintaining their serving temperature, while also having the option to display them in an aesthetically pleasing manner to entice customers to purchase them.

Some types of food warmers in Singapore include countertop warmers, which are most often seen in artisanal bread shops that prepare lower volumes of baked goods. There are also heavy-duty commercial models which feature individually controlled storage rows for customised heating solutions, facilitating the storage of different kinds of baked goods.

5. Coffee Machine

No cafe is complete without a versatile coffee machine that can serve up a wide variety of refreshing beverages for customers to enjoy alongside freshly toasted baked goods. There are a range of coffee machines available, such as espresso coffee machines which are a common sight at boutique shops for artisanal coffee, to drip coffee machines that produce large quantities of coffee for a steady stream of customers.

Fully automatic coffee machines are growing in popularity in commercial setups, offering intuitive touchscreens and various settings for easy preparation of both hot and cold beverages. They also come with other features such as milk frothing, automatic warming and clearing, as well as easy maintenance to help you serve customers with ease.

Seeking quality bakery equipment for your brand-new establishment in Singapore? Visit our website to see our full range of products.

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