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Eating and drinking is a classic Singaporean pastime, and setting up a cafe is a popular choice amongst budding young entrepreneurs. Purchasing the appropriate equipment for your Singapore cafe, such as ice makers and food warmers, goes a long way to helping you start on the right footing and thrive. Here are some useful tips to consider.

Well Equipped Cafe Kitchen in Singapore

Factor in your cafe needs.

The majority of cafe startups run on a modest budget, and so cafe owners are well advised to purchase equipment directly relevant to their needs and reduce unnecessary costs. Ice makers sold in Singapore come in a variety of types, such as modular, undercounter, countertop, and combination models. Countertop ice makers are a popular choice as they are able to produce compact-sized nuggets of ice, which allow for easy scooping and immediate serving to customers, as compared to modular ice makers which produce huge volumes of ice and are suited for larger food establishments. 

Space-constrained cafes in Singapore should also consider equipment that serves multiple roles, such as combination ovens which feature both convection heating and steam features for preparing a versatile range of dishes, as well as combination ice makers that can dispense both ice and water, making them useful for self-serve drink stations that customers can utilise themselves and freeing up cafe staff to handle other tasks.

Lastly, cafe owners are encouraged to only purchase equipment that will see regular use. For example, an ice cream parlour that serves coffee on the side would do better with a regular automatic coffee machine to serve a basic menu of beverages, rather than a custom espresso machine which would require more effort to use and maintain, as well as training of staff.

Invest in quality equipment.

Alongside your hired staff, your cafe equipment is key to preparing delightful foods, drinks, and desserts for your Singaporean customers. It pays to invest in resilient models that help improve the quality of your F&B offerings, as well as provide ease of convenience of use as well as versatility. Food warmers are one example, helping to keep food warm for extended periods to serve customers speedily while reducing costs incurred by food wastage.

Food warmers in Singapore come in both countertop variants used to display freshly baked goods in a glass case, as well as heavy-duty commercial models utilised in kitchens to keep different types of foods in larger quantities for immediate serving. Some of their additional features include custom temperature thermostats to keep various types of foods and sauces warm at their own optimal temperatures, energy-saving settings to reduce overall electricity consumption, as well as water reservoirs to provide humidity and retain moisture in food for better taste.

Have a proper layout.

In addition to using quality equipment, it is important to have a proper kitchen layout for your cafe to facilitate an efficient workflow that reduces confusion and cooking hazards, as well as saving on preparation time. Ideally, this should be done early in the design process while concurrently choosing what equipment to purchase, and cafe owners can either hire the services of specialists or consult their senior staff for their own input. 

Some useful suggestions to take in mind include having storage appliances such as fridges and freezers in the centre of the layout to foster economy of movement for various staff to access, grouping equipment into dedicated workstation zones such as dessert stations utilising ice makers into one zone and meal preparation involving ovens and stoves into another, as well as creating clear walkways for chefs to move about without risk of tripping and resulting in injuries and equipment damage.

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