Commercial Kitchen Singapore

A commercial kitchen is an invaluable investment for large restaurants and established food chains, as well as a popular option for smaller startups with limited budgets to rent and prepare their dishes. Learn more about the benefits that both a commercial kitchen and quality commercial kitchen equipment in Singapore brings to your food establishment.

Well Equipped Commercial Kitchen in Singapore

It allows you to produce food in volume.

Compared to regular cooking kitchens, commercial kitchens have the capacity and power output to handle a range of powerful industrial equipment, such as high-speed and cook-and-hold commercial ovens, modular ice makers, as well as walk-in freezers, amongst many other pieces of equipment. They provide the ability to prepare ingredients and dishes in large batches, be it well-roasted and juicy meats or large quantities of ice for desserts. This allows food establishments to prepare larger batches of food at once to facilitate the speedier serving of customers.

In addition, commercial kitchens also allow Singapore food establishments to rapidly scale up their production, such as in the case of opening a new storefront. By cooking from a commercial kitchen, food chain owners are able to quickly prepare dishes and serve customers instead of requiring time to install new equipment at the premises and train new staff. Many commercial kitchens also feature convenient loading bays to both collect fresh ingredients and ship out cooked meals, helping to move larger quantities of food in a shorter time.

It helps to reduce costs.

With their extensive space, commercial kitchens in Singapore allow you to buy and store fresh ingredients in bulk, reducing costs through bulk discounts as well as doing away with constant deliveries. Many pieces of commercial kitchen equipment in Singapore also feature energy-saving modes, allowing them to further reduce your utility bills for overall savings.

In addition, commercial kitchens in Singapore can run equipment such as commercial ovens with efficient heating technologies to reduce the energy needed to prepare dishes, as well as industrial dishwashers which efficiently and swiftly clean a larger supply of dishes at once to be reused to serve customers. This allows companies to maintain a lower inventory of eating utensils and cutlery through a faster turnover.

It lets you maintain quality.

In addition to increased food production, quality commercial kitchen equipment in Singapore also delivers improved food quality. Commercial fridges help to cool foods rapidly and prevent bacterial growth, and industrial stoves feature intense heat output for consistent grill and char tastes that customers love, while still being able to cook in large volumes.

Commercial kitchens are required to adhere to stringent health standards as set by the Singapore Food Agency, who also handle the licensing and inspection of the premises. Many commercial kitchens also utilise professional equipment made from stainless steel, which is easily cleaned and sanitised to promote health. This ensures that food produced at commercial kitchens is held to high standards, which reassures customers of your commitment to producing quality food.

It provides a proper layout and workflow.

With its ample space for various types of cooking equipment, a commercial kitchen in Singapore allows for efficient design of workstations and flow of movement, as well as having sufficient counter space for employees to handle their tasks. Staff can also specialise in tasks specific to their workstations, reducing delays and improving productivity. In addition, a proper layout reduces the risks of accidents through staff colliding with one another as well as easy access to shared ingredients, helping to promote a comfortable work environment.

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