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Research has shown that people enjoy a greater cooling sensation of thirst quenching when the temperature of one’s refreshment is lower than that of one’s mouth and throat. In addition, the cold receptors in our mouths are more involved in the appreciation of food and drink as compared to temperature regulation, which gives rise to the perception of refreshment and makes iced drinks and ice cream constantly popular across the years.

In addition, soft serve has a pleasurable mouthfeel as well, with a ‘melt in your mouth’ sensation and a softer texture due to introducing air into the freezing process. They also allow for novel flavours to be created and combined, due to the ability of soft serve machines in Singapore to mix from multiple nozzles. This has given rise to innovative and unique flavours in Singapore, such as Thai milk tea, earl grey, sea salt gula melaka, and pistachio, amongst others. Soft serve can be used to prepare other sweet treats besides ice cream, such as frozen yoghurt and milkshakes.

How do soft serve machines and ice makers improve business?

Soft serve machines are a mainstay of dessert cafes and restaurants in Singapore. In comparison to ‘hard’ ice cream which has to be scooped and served, soft serve incorporates air (the percentage of which is known as overrun) into fresh mix. They come in various designs and features to suit diverse needs of F&B establishments, ranging from floor models which produce larger volumes of soft serve, to countertop models which allow employees to make batches according to customers’ demands.

A major advantage of soft serve machines in Singapore is that it ensures a consistent taste and texture across successive batches, maintaining customers’ satisfaction and keeping them returning for more. It also frees up staff to focus on other tasks, particularly if running a dessert cafe that sells other kinds of refreshments such as pastries and cakes. Lastly, soft serve machines also incorporate features such as pasteurisation to kill bacteria, inverter systems which reduce waste and the need to regularly top up premix, and power-saving modes to reduce operational costs.

While less exciting than soft serve machines, ice makers in Singapore are a humble appliance that sees use in virtually all F&B establishments. They produce varying quantities and shapes of ice for use in a variety of refreshments, be it ice blended drinks or shaved ice desserts. Some examples include countertop designs which prepare nugget-style ice that can immediately be served in chilled drinks, and modular designs which produce huge volumes of ice for commercial kitchens and usage.

A key reason ice makers are utilised in Singapore is to ensure a steady flow of ice to keep up with customers’ demands particularly in our hot climate, as well as ensuring consistent freshness, texture, and taste of ice. Combination ice makers have the option to dispense both ice and water together, saving valuable space while also allowing customers to serve themselves and free up staff to handle other tasks.

ICETRO is a popular brand from Korea that specialises in various foodservice equipment, such as ice makers as well as soft serve machines sold in Singapore and other countries in Southeast Asia. Founded in 1981, ICETRO combines affordability with reliability, incorporating numerous advanced features such as power saving modes, automatic and customisable dispensers for soft serve machines, as well as quality ergonomics for easy operation and servicing.

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