Smart Kitchen Equipment

Smart technology is bringing about a revolution across the world, not only in home entertainment and logistics but in kitchen equipment as well. Learn more about what smart technology entails, and the benefits of applying smart technology to your kitchen equipment in Singapore.

What is smart technology?

Originally, the ‘smart’ in smart technology stood for ‘Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology’, but it eventually became widely known as ‘smart’ due to allowing a wide range of appliances and equipment to interact with us and guide our behaviour while improving our quality of life. There are 3 main kinds of smart technology. 

Smart devices feature basic automation and easy programming such as coffee makers, while smart connected devices feature remote control/monitoring via Bluetooth or Wifi such as smart commercial fridges in Singapore and smartphones. Lastly, Internet of Things (IoT) devices incorporate software and Internet network access to form a system which brings about numerous applications, such as tracking vehicle movements in real-time, smart manufacturing processes, as well as smart homes that allow users to enjoy preset lighting, security, and thermostats.

A key advantage of smart technology is its ability to sense and adapt to users’ needs, through use of sensors, databases, and wireless access. This allows them to provide unparalleled utility to users based on their personal preferences, while also helping them to save money due to reduced costs and wastage and promoting sustainability through lower energy consumption.

How do I apply smart technology into my commercial kitchen?

Smart technology brings about numerous benefits when combined with kitchen equipment in Singapore. One example is the creation of remotely controlled kitchens via the IoT, which allows your commercial fridges to automatically track and reorder inventory on your behalf. This helps to lower labour costs through automating repetitive tasks, allowing a smaller team to work more productivity, as well as improve your guests’ dining experience through consistency and reduced human error.

Smart kitchen equipment in Singapore also features predictive maintenance and diagnostics, utilising data science and predictive analytics to help users perform preventive maintenance. Benefits range from extending equipment lifespan to promoting smooth operational flow through reduced downtime. It also reduces unnecessary repair costs for small-scale issues that can be easily rectified, allowing F&B operators to only require servicing and maintenance for major issues.

Smart commercial ovens feature custom presets that allow you to cook a wide variety of foods with a single click. This is helpful for both training new staff to operate them with ease, as well as save on time needed to manually configure the oven with each preparation. They also often feature intuitive touchscreen displays for ease of use and convenience. Smart commercial fridges in Singapore also have numerous features to benefit F&B businesses, such as automated diagnostics to maintain consistent performance and optimisation of energy levels to monitor consumption for ideal cooling based on what they need to store. Some models also include automatic alerts when temperatures fall out of bounds, allowing you to respond quickly to preserve food safety and avoid inventory loss.

Pinnacle is Simplex’s very own housebrand of commercial fridge equipment in Singapore. Pinnacle incorporates Ecosys software management system which utilises cloud technology to assist businesses in managing and maintaining their equipment through automation and lower costs. Ecosys also features extensive customisability to suit your individual F&B business needs with help from our professional IT team, and we also offer regular updates to further extend the longevity of your system.

Seeking to purchase smart kitchen equipment for your food establishment in Singapore? Visit our website to see our full range of products.

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