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Setting up a restaurant kitchen is a daunting but exciting affair, particularly for first-time restaurant operators and owners. Learn more about the various steps involved in setting up a restaurant kitchen, and the importance of kitchen equipment suppliers in Singapore in providing both quality equipment and servicing.

Step 1: Licensing & Rental

The first step is to lay the groundwork and admin for your restaurant. This includes finding a rental space and agreeing to rental terms with the landlord, and applying for various essential licenses such as License For Food Establishment, GST Registration, License to Import Food Ingredients and Food Appliances, as well as Halal Certification and Liquor Licenses if applicable. Settling this in advance will go a long way to smoothing out the overall process and avoids getting into unnecessary trouble when running your restaurant.

Step 2: Kitchen Layout & Design

Planning out an optimal kitchen layout is essential for a smooth flow of operations; facilitating staff movement, greater ease of food preparation, and promoting safety through avoiding workplace accidents as well as mixing raw and cooked food. The most important consideration when deciding on kitchen supplies in Singapore is your restaurant menu, which affects which kitchen equipment is essential, as well as the process of how food is stored, prepared, and cooked.

Next, consider the available space your kitchen has. Constrained cooking spaces will likely gravitate to kitchen equipment that serves multiple roles, such as combination ovens which utilise steam and convection methods to prepare a wide variety of meals, as well as food preparation tables that feature storage space below to place supplies.

An optimal kitchen layout should have sections dedicated to storage, preparation, cooking, and cleaning, each with appropriate kitchen equipment. In addition, there should be various workstations where chefs can specialise in their roles, and ideally stations that work in tandem should be in close proximity to cut down on travel time and movement.

Step 3: Installation

Once you have settled on a kitchen layout and desired kitchen supplies for your Singapore restaurant, you can move on to installation. Purchasing from reputable kitchen equipment suppliers in Singapore such as Simplex also includes delivery and installation services based on quantity of products purchased, greatly easing the hassle of self-installation.

Simplex also provides on-site training of our equipment for you and your staff, usually during initial installation and set-up meetings. You can also request a kitchen demo with our in-house chef and sales representative before purchasing kitchen supplies for your Singapore restaurant. Just make a booking on our website and we will get in touch shortly.

Step 4: Operations

After installation is complete, you should host a soft opening at your restaurant, which usually consists of a limited number of guests to trial out your menu and ensure that your kitchen equipment works in tip-top condition. This offers numerous advantages, ranging from ensuring hygiene and consistency of your food, ironing out workflow issues that staff may have, and facilitating familiarity with your equipment. This goes a long way to leaving a strong first impression on customers during your grand opening.

It is important to ensure that your staff are well trained on operating your kitchen equipment. Simplex sells user-friendly appliances that are intuitive to use, making employee training a smooth affair and facilitating on-the-job learning. We also offer refresher and group training for our equipment to save time and improve efficiency.

Step 5: Servicing & Maintenance

Regular servicing and maintenance goes a long way to prolonging the lifespan of your kitchen equipment, as well as avoiding any potential breakdowns which can significantly impede business operations and profits. In addition to being a kitchen equipment supplier in Singapore, Simplex offers various services to keep your kitchen appliances running in perfect order. We provide on-site servicing and troubleshooting as well as equipment calibration services and software upgrades to ensure the efficiency of your equipment.

Looking to purchase quality kitchen supplies for your restaurant in Singapore? Visit our website to see our full range of products.

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