FBD 372 Multi-Flavour Dispenser

The 37X Series offers features that maximises capacity in a minimal amount of space. Maximise your counter space with the smallest footprint in the industry. Available with 2 and 3 barrels, the 37X Series can pour up to 1,800 oz./hr.

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FBD 372 Multi-Flavour Dispenser (Slush, Shakes, Frozen Beverages)

Drink Quality & Customisation

Inline Carbonation™ Proprietary Advanced Carbonation Control System electronically controls gas injection ensure the correct drink profile. OptiFreeze™ Maintains product consistency to deliver the most consistent frozen beverage – drink after drink.

Serviceability Designed to reduce downtime & maximise uptime associated with maintaining and servicing the unit.

Built-in diagnostics make it easier to troubleshoot and use. Active readout monitoring for technicians and operators. Can see what the issue is and spend less time troubleshooting. Accessibility: Access from the front of the unit makes servicing FAST & maximizes uptime.


RapidFreeze™ Cold chamber system improves refreeze time while reducing the compressor workload and increasing dispenser durability.




15.8W X 25.2D X 31.5"H


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