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Food warmer is the heart of most food service businesses in Singapore. The quality of meals is affected by its temperature. Unfortunately, you can only keep a food warm for several minutes after cooking. Not with the convenience that comes with food warmers. This amazing kitchen tool will keep the meals in a desired temperature for longer holding time. A food warmer can solve the problem of spoilage and wasted food that must not be served cold. This way, you will not worry anymore about the food getting cold and wasted. With a food warmer in your kitchen, you will be serving your customer with hot meals every single time.

The food warmer comes in many sizes for any need and preference. It is available in configurations of 1×3, 1×4, 2×1, 2×2, 2×3, 2×4, 3×4, 4×2 and 5×1.

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Food Warmer FWM3-22 – H: 11 ¾ ” W: 20 ¾”.0” D:15 7⁄8”
  • Interchangeable plastic lids designed for product flexibility
  • Amber pans allows for visibility to easily check on inventory status
  • 2 , ½ ” deep pans
  • Single or double handled pans
  • Stainless steel exterior construction for durability and ease of construction
  • Individually controlled rows for customised heating solutions
  • Web-based programming, and can upload programs through USB

Stainless Steel Exterior construction for durability and ease of construction
Annodized aluminum surface durable and easily cleaned


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