Suitable for small area kitchen, with endless possibilities of menu creation and customisation with highly reduced cook time. USB compatibility (uploading of recipes into the system via USB drive) allows for standardised menus across all recipes and stores. With cooking speeds of up to 15 times faster than conventional methods, operators can cook more in less time using less energy. XpressChef™ High-Speed ovens combine microwave energy with other proven cooking technologies, offering energy savings over traditional equipment. Perfect baking in a fraction of the time – wide variety of menu items. Bake fresh more often to increase customer satisfaction and sales with the XpressChef™ 2C Series. Saves time and labor – easy to program, operate, clean and maintain. Menu management app and Smart USB standard equipment. Exceptional ROI: comparatively low cost, high rate of return. Available ventless – place anywhere and lower expenses at the same time. Ideal applications: Cafes, Bars & Grills, Supermarkets, Kiosks, Pubs and wine bars, Homes, Schools, Hotels, Hospitals.

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XpressChef™ 2c Series (Jetwave: JET514/ JET 514V) – High Speed Combination Oven 
  • Combines cooking energies for superior baking results FAST!
    • 2700W Convection enhances toasting and browning
    • 95°– 250°C (200°– 475°F) temperature range
    • 1400 or 1900W top antenna feed microwave system heats quickly, reduces cooking time
    • Flexible cooking platform. Use any combination of convection and microwave
  • Simplifies cooking
    • Ventless Options: ”V” models feature built-in catalytic converter for ventless operation
    • Stackable without a kit, to increase throughput and save valuable counter space
    • 34 litre (1.2 cubic ft.) oven capacity easily accommodates a 30cm (12”) pizza
  • Multi-language universal operation, with programming flexibility
    • Oven interface and programming software support 20 languages
    • Smart USB connectivity standard
    • Compatible with ACP Programming Application
    • Stores up to 100 programmable menu items
  • Cuts Costs
      • Uses less energy than a conventional oven
      • Eliminates need for pre-cooking and holding
      • Uses quarter-size metal trays, pans and screens
Applicable Models: JETWAVE JET514/JET 514V (Catalytic Converter – no need exhaust)

Menumaster – XpressChef


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