Suitable for small area kitchen, with endless possibilities of menu creation and customisation with highly reduced cook time. USB compatibility (uploading of recipes into the system via USB drive) allows for standardised menus across all recipes and stores. With cooking speeds of up to 15 times faster than conventional methods, operators can cook more in less time using less energy. XpressChef™ High-Speed ovens combine microwave energy with other proven cooking technologies, offering energy savings over traditional equipment. With the XpressChef™ 3i, radically reduce service time with no sacrifice in food quality. Produce more with less equipment – Toast, grill, bake, and steam—fresh, and on-demand. Delivers consistent results even during peak periods. Highest definition recipe photos in its class. Eliminate cooking errors with greater consistency, less waste. Ideal applications: Cafes, Bars & Grills, Supermarkets, Kiosks, Pubs and wine bars, Homes, Schools, Hotels, Hospitals.

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XpressChef™ 3i (MRX51/MRX523)
– Front of the House, everything oven
  • Best in its class speed, performance and reliability
    • 4000 or 5000 watts of power
    • Consistent high quality results
    • Convection, Impingement, Microwave-assist
  • Smarter, Safer, Faster
    • True Touch™ HD Touchscreen ‘smartphone-easy’ to use
    • HD photo icons means error-free cooking made easy
    • Easy to customize for any menu, concept or brand
    • Remote menu management application included
    • Easily update menus across one or multiple locations
    • Wifi, ethernet and Smart USB standard
  • Ideal applications
    • QSR – consistent quality no matter how busy it gets
    • Hospitality – all day breakfast, room service
    • Fastest sandwiches, subs and paninis
    • Pizzeria – 12″ pizza, wings, apps and more
    • Casual and fine – lunch, apps and entrées
    • Cafés, bars, pubs—food courts and kiosks
    • Bakes, toasts, grills and roasts
Applicable Models: MRX51/MRX523

Menumaster – XpressChef


Black, Gray, Red


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